About Us

At Evergarden, our wish is to make the world a prettier place using the beauty that nature provides us. We believe that accessorizing ourselves with nature brings us closer to the world we live in, and the people around us.

Our founder, Alexis VanCompernolle, is a Charleston local and has been designing jewelry since 2021. Before she began her jewelry journey, Alexis worked in healthcare for 5 years before she realized that she wasn’t getting the work/life balance that she really needed. She decided it was time to move on and try something new. Alexis was lucky enough to find a beautiful new home at Grit and Grace Studio in Charleston. Working at Grit and Grace helped her curate her artistic ability and ignite a passion that had laid dormant for years.

Growing up, Alexis always had a profound love of plants, flowers, and all the beauty that nature provides us. Over the years she has always had creative outlets, but they’ve always just been hobbies. It wasn’t until 2023 that she realized she wanted to use her creativity for more than just a hobby and so she created Evergarden.

Our mission is Alexis' mission; to create beauty from nature, and always have time to enjoy life with the people we love.

 "I’m so grateful for every day that I can make jewelry and share it with the world. I’m going to keep creating my pieces for as long as all you beautiful people like them!"

- Alexis VanCompernolle